It’s official!

Oleo Conservation Restriction, Newburyport

Greenbelt has recently completed the acquisition of a perpetual conservation restriction over some 36 acres of land in the Little River watershed in Newburyport. This project was completed in conjunction with the Newburyport Planning Board and Conservation Commission, which will take title to and manage the property for public access and passive recreation.

One of the exciting events of this last year has been the finalization of the preservation restriction (or conservation restriction) of vital open space at the end of Russell Terrace Extension.

You hear oft repeated cries that if you want to stop the bulldozing and over development of Newburyport, just go out and ‘buy’ the land.      That is hardly necessary.      What is the ultimate goal is to ‘preserve’ our quality of life and way of life.        That is by putting conservation restrictions on open space and historic preservation restrictions on historic buildings and districts.       

But we need to keep in mind that the Oleo Land is but one piece of the puzzle.      We need more of the Upper Little River Basin protected from developments like unwanted 40B’s so that businesses, environment, farms and people are safe downriver.

Oleo Trust Conservation Area

We need to obtain more of the open space through restrictions so the Common Pasture and the Great Marsh are not ecologically damaged.      If we don’t, far flung things like clamming and fishing will be impacted negatively.

People need to stop doing faddish, meaningless things to ‘save the planet’ and concentrate on doing actual saving of our local ecology and wildlife!

-P. Preservationist


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