What’s in it for me, Bub!?!

It may surprise many that Walter Beinecke, Jr. did not turn Nantucket into an international destination by pouring money over top of it.       He first started by creating the Nantucket Historical Trust.        This institution’s job was to help fund the labeling of historic structures on the island, buy historic houses, restore them and then re-sell them or to re-purpose them into commercial institutions to attract people to the island.     His main goal was to show that historic preservation was going to bring benefit to the entire island.    As he stated in 1990:

“In the case of historic preservation, which was kind of the direction my interest in Nantucket took; it meant that you had to find some pattern where you make people support the goals of historic preservation, not just because they were being a nice guy and throwing a little something into your tin cup, but because it was going to be to their advantage. They were going to get something for themselves out of it.”

One of the difficulties with organizations such as the Newburyport Preservation Trust and to a lesser degree, Citizens for Environmental Balance and the Citizens for Historic Newburyport; there is a ‘weakness’ in revealing the practical commercial, cultural and personal benefits to the citizens of Newburyport.        

Not wanting to be just a talker, I have created a brochure that most in town will get to see as volunteers which includes me drop them at doorways around town.      Instead of the incredibly tiresome, NO! and YES! and NO! and all the argumentative passion that such empty rhetoric produces; it would be nice to get a brochure that tells you why anyone would pursue a local historic district ordinance in the first place!


After all, the focus is to protect our treasure!

Protect Your House Protect Newburyport

It is vital that we all know the benefits and most of all, what’s in it for each of us!

Here is the link to the brochure!

-P. Preservationist

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