Rallying & Reviewing

Now is the time to make sure everyone can get to the High School on the 21st.     Even if you show up and don’t necessarily say anything, your presence will count.      

Sometimes it’s not the show on the stage that makes being present worth it – it’s the audience’s reaction!       Nothing is so telling on a film or performance than gauging the mood of the crowd.

I was at the cinema at the Loop a couple of weeks ago – you get your refreshments and you sit down and of course – here comes 15 minutes of commercials and ads.     Then the preview came for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer – it was priceless!    I’ve never seen an entire room filled with people with their jaws dropped.      Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

It may be just as entertaining on Thursday – the mood and the setting can be changed by your very energy and presence.      

If you support the local historic district ordinance, I urge you to attend.       

In the next couple of days, I will review post by post what we have learned from all the meetings, Q & A’s and the Forum and of course, from the blogosphere:

The History of the Local Historic District Ordinance

The History of the first attempt to establish a local historic district on High Street

The Ripple Affect from Historic Preservation Protections on Newburyport’s own Downtown.

What actually are the historic preservation principles

The benefits of the local historic district for citizens and for the city

We still have a long way to go before the course is finished.      But eventually, reason will be restored – you can not separate historic preservation from Newburyport.      

If for some reason, madness triumphs, what you will get won’t be a Newburyport any longer.

-P. Preservationist

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