Great Fun Ahead!

We all know with growing excitement that the Coast Guard brass are coming to Yankee Homecoming to celebrate Newburyport as the birthplace of the Coast Guard and to herald our position as an official Coast Guard city.

What we don’ realize is the growing crescendo throughout the month of July.

A crescendo that needs to be put on your calendars and requires cleaning up and packin’ up the children into the family car for an historic experience.         Events that will burn into the long term memories of your children and could help them grow as mature citizens of this Great Republic.eagle2

First, on July 30th until July 5th the tall ships are coming to Boston.       And they are specifically coming to do honor to the U.S.S. Constitution.       We as Newburyporters should be especially cognizant of one visitor – as the birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard, the official training vessel of this particular branch of Homeland Security, the Eagle, will be parading her stuff and there will be tours of the ship.         This just can’t be missed.     And please take pictures and share them with us!

Tall Ships & The USS Constitution

Second, the HMS Bounty will be docked at Newburyport’s Waterfront        I especially like this picture!     As most know, Newburyport was a Privateer’s Den! (and to the British during the Revolution, filthy pirates.)       I can fancy seeing the American flag waving because Captain Coombs or some other privateer just boarded yet another British vessel!

HMS-Bounty-seized by Newburyport Privateers

     It will be temporarily ‘seized’ on July 12th and be held as a prize until the day after the 15th.

During that time, the following events will be held (Quoting the Daily News)

In addition to tours of the Bounty, a weekend of entertainment is planned at Market Landing Park on the waterfront.

On Saturday, July 14, from 2 to 5 p.m., the tropical sounds of local favorite Plum Island Pans, a group of multiple steel drum ensembles from the North Shore, originating from Zach Field Drum Studios in Newburyport, will take the stage. Later that night, Chase & Lunt Insurance will offer a screening of the feature film “Treasure Island,” in which the actual Bounty is featured. The movie will be shown on a 40-foot screen starting about 9 p.m.

On Sunday, July 15, the Firehouse Center for the Arts will present Shakesperience Productions’ “Much Ado about Something.” Two free outdoor performances will be held at 1 and 3 p.m. on the lawn behind the Firehouse in full view of the HMS Bounty. For more information, go to”

We’ll release the Bounty as soon as we receive sufficient ransom in entertainment!

While we are at it, the Custom House will be continuing its exciting exhibit on the War of 1812.

This will mark one great July!

-P. Preservationist

PS.    We’ll need some cheering up as I expect the anti-historic preservationists, lacking substance, will be committing embarrassing antics this coming Thursday.


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