Start Gearing Up

It is tempting with all this nice weather to sit back and enjoy the spring weather.     

Unfortunately, the threats against our quality of life are ever present.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

                                                            -Edmund Burke

We have two very important meetings:

One is the NRA walk through on Saturday

Two is the LHD Public Hearing on Thursday at the High School.

Online petition in favor of the LHD: 414

Online petition against the LHD: 40

I predict that the same spread represents our community as a whole and if the LHD was going to the polls in a special election; it would pass but it is not –

All the concerns, eyes and emotional passion is being directed like a fulcrum on eleven councilors.      And they in turn are going to watch very closely how the citizens conduct themselves.      

The first thing they must understand is to get this silly notion that we must get rid of any political issues that ‘upset’ the electorate.       That is nice for those who live off the apathy of the citizens – no need for hard decisions, no need to take courageous action – just keep the ‘rabble’ happy and it will be business as usual.    Of course, and I speak from being formerly ‘anonymous’; you can get a lot done if no one is paying attention to you.     But it also means you can do a lot of damage if no one is paying attention to you too!

The clear air of public discourse is messy but it helps us as a community make clear choices on our future.       If we choose wisely, we benefit; if we choose ‘poorly’ – we suffer the consequences but at least we have no  one to blame but ourselves on the outcome.



Get ready means bone up on the issues, and come prepared to contribute to the discussion.

-P. Preservationist

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