It’s time to do one of my short political lessons.       

I just came back from a two-day crash-course candidate school – a reduced version from the week long versions that occur in Washington.     This was not just any course – it was conducted by professionals who in themselves have been successful in politics.     This group has tutored a diverse crowd from major political party members to leaders in the corporate and education worlds and activists from George Soros’ Move On to the Tea Party.

So when I do a political lesson – I’m relaying a wealth of information from credible sources.

One of the biggest problems in achieving success is the long held belief in the Sir Galahad Theory.      Basically it boils down to, “I will succeed because my heart is pure”.      

The fact is in political history, being right is insufficient to win.     

I bring this up as I look at the local historic district debate.      One side has been antagonist, has sought to frighten people, and has been rude, lied, spread misinformation, and done everything they can from intimidation to vandalism.      The other side has been secure in historic accuracy, been supported by facts, statistics and has been rich in showing a multi-faceted face with many benefits for the community.     The supporters have been polite and yet passionate.

Both sides have talented people and reinforced by well-endowed supporters.

So who will win?

The key to success is determined by the number and effectiveness of activists on the respective sides.

When it comes to effectiveness, if you are not organized and unable to communicate effectively; you can have all the money in the world and plenty of political tools at your fingertips but it will all be in vain.

The LHD supporters far outnumber the opposing side but the anti-LHD have been very effective in communication – The irritating huge ugly blood red banners are very clear in message.     And the activists, though few in number, make up for it in shear ferocity.     

The key now, as the community gets closer to seeing this drama play out at the city council;

Who will be more organized and who will communicate the most effectively?


I’ve heard there is a move by some to push for all antagonists to ‘play nice’ and lay down their arms.     It is hardly the time for that!     

I still see the three local yokels waving a white flag before the Martians in the War of the Worlds!


And they were blown away!

Now is the time to organize and mobilize supporters and to push for clearer and direct communication to the electorate.

-P. Preservationist

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