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Newburyport Current, Posted Dec 02, 2011 @ 12:57 PM

Now the city councilors knew before 2012 started that infrastructure would become the hot topic.

    • That means the Water Department
    • That means the Sewer Department
    • That means the Senior/Community Center
    • That means our Chapter 90 projects for roads
    • That means the new school buildings
    • That means Karp’s Waterfront Development
    • That means the NRA and the Waterfront
    • That means the proposed parking garage
    • That means the LHD to protect our historic district
    • That means our sidewalks
    • That means our open spaces, parks and watersheds.
    • That means our eco-, heritage and marine support structures.
    • That means infrastructure to support the traffic and the commercial districts.

We need our city councilors to re-affirm that infrastructure is important and to resist the urge to run away from the hard choices.

The voters took the pressure off of them and made the hard choices last Tuesday.

It’s time for the majority of councilors to echo the public’s resolve.   

They can start with the Wetlands Protection Ordinance and the Tree Ordinance and finish with the Local Historic District expansion.

Infrastructure improvement should be the theme for the next year!

-P. Preservationist

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3 Responses to Yes it is!

  1. Bob Cronin says:

    1. The City Council has already addressed the wetlands protection ordinance and tree ordinance; both passed unanimously. These were addressed in the current session.
    2. Water and Sewer are clearly being addressed via the bonding for the new WWTF (sewer) replacement of the clear well (water) the cleaning and repainting of the interior of the water tank to offer several examples.
    3. Community Center passed 56-44% thanks to the efforts of Port Pride and the voters of Newburyport. The Council authorized the ballot questions 11-0.
    4. We have not yet received a final Chapter 90 (road repair) amount from the State; once received and certified the roadwork can begin for this season. These monies are required to to go road infrastructure (as it always has).
    5. Schools: Thanks to the efforts of Port Pride and the voters of Newburyport the school votes passes at 70-30% each! The Council authorized the ballot questions 11-0.
    6. The NRA is independent of the City, the City can offer suggestions and input but in fact the final decision is theirs. The NRA is seemingly moving forward and is being inclusive in the development of their plans.
    7. The proposed MVRTA parking garage is being studied at a regional level after City Council voted to support the study. There are many moving parts to this but they are presently in motion and will be debated when a plan is submitted.
    8. The LHD has yet to be finalized and submitted to Council by the study committee. The public hearing is scheduled for June 21 and the proposal may change further prior to that submission.
    9. 50% of the local option meals tax goes to sidewalk repair plus another $60K in the last budget. There are major projects scheduled.
    10. Open space continues through the CPC (rail trail II, open space fund, etc).
    11. The Karp development (waterfront west) is in his court; he owns the land and Council created the overlay district several years ago, the developer has yet to offer any plans. Once that occurs the process can begin to move again. Perhaps the FEMA maps were an issue?
    12. The Harbor Commission is looking to develop a boater’s facility; a long time and long term goal. The city has installed new docks, 50 AMP electricity at the Central Waterfront and expanded docks at the Cashman ramp. The City is working hard with the Army Corps of Engineers to solve the situation at the Merrimack River mouth. Making the river safer to transit and the creation of a destination port have always been the goal of the Harbor Commission since i was a member and remains still.
    13. I am not sure what other infrastructural initiatives you are referring to to support traffic and commercial districts as roadway, sidewalk, parking, water and sewer was already mentioned. The City continues to partner with MaDOT and to work in the best interest of the City’s residents when examining future development.

    I will not speak for other on the Council, but by examine the voting record, it is clear that the Newburyport City Council is addressing numerous issues, all in an effort to make Newburyport an even more special place

    Bob Cronin
    City Councillor for Ward 3

  2. A vey nice, detailed overview of what’s on the year’s plate! After seeing the parliamentary manevering concerning the Storey Avenue rezoning, I was sensing reticence over dealing with the more ‘controversial’ issues.

    • Ari Herzog says:

      Parliamentary maneuvering? Where?

      Regarding the proposed rezoning of two Storey Avenue lots from residential to business, the planning and development committee held numerous public hearings and ultimately voted to remove it for a full council decision. The council further deliberated and the majority of councilors voted to defeat the proposal.

      What maneuvering?

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