Know our History!

History is not a ‘past’ experience – it is being made around us and shapes our future.’

And I know that I don’t dwell on the artist community here in Newburyport but it truly is first class.      Rockport’s art colony is nothing but a hollow shell while ours is vibrant and dynamic.

So what am I talking about when I combine art with history?

One of the difficulties with the whole concept of historic preservation is a host of newcomers who think that Newburyport was always beautiful and prosperous.     They are failing to understand the spark that brought about our transformation.

They need to see in a dramatic fashion the evolution of our city from decaying mill town to a commercial, cultural and historic destination.         And art can provide the drama to bring that message home.

Don’t miss this event!

Fran Dalton Exhibit

-P. Preservationist

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