Perhaps I am being too sensitive but attaching the word ‘controversial’ to today’s main headline is a bit hollow.         How come this word wasn’t applied to the school vote?   There were a whole lot more people opposed on that issue than are against the LHD!     Will we see it applied to anything in which concerned citizens actually care about an issue?

In respect to the local historic district ordinance, historic preservation is only controversial to those who woke up one day and were alarmed when they looked around and found out the city no longer looked like it was in the pits!      Or was it all the newcomers who’s moving trucks mysteriously dropped their furniture and stuff in Newburyport rather than Seabrook?       I suppose that would make them angry! 

Historic preservation is a no brainer in this city.      It’s the details on how to do it that the city councilors and the citizens will be chewing on for a long time.

-P. Preservationist

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