Political Cheats

Since I had not seen Mr. Hendrickson’s name on the front page for a while, I had hoped he’d been consigned to the editorial page where he seems to belong.      Not to be so lucky.    His constant mixing of opinion and news is as irritating and painful as a hangnail in my shoe!    

But in this case, his opinions reinforce what Tom Ryan has said about Newburyport with his label of Cannibal City.        If he is right (if he is right), then raw political ambition won over the long term benefits for the city and the taxpayer.     

But he is definitely wrong about the citizens of Newburyport.     They do care very much about open space.     When the Open Space Committee had a public hearing the room was full of concerned and I might add, highly engaged residents.        They represented a large swath of interests and the unanimous  opinion was that open space is one of our most valuable assets.     It is very closely linked to our quality of life.     

I trust his statements were completely wrong about Councilor Cameron because if they are, I would never vote for someone to be Mayor who valued voters with such immediate self-interest over those who are concerned for the general welfare of the entire city nor would I ever vote for a councilor who wets his finger and checks where the wind blows.        

I am hoping this issue does not die because there will be negative repercussions in development, flooding, land-use and traffic remedies for years to come if open space advocates abandon the political process.

The greater part of the City Council certainly do not act in such a way and I am proud of the majority who do value all of us as a great community worthy of preservation.         

-P. Preservationist

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