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Results from last night!

Since the Daily News doesn’t want to give you any ‘real’ information you can use, here is a short report from last night’s ZBA meeting.        Please note that being a concerned citizen may involve a sore bum on a hard seat and … Continue reading

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Good things don’t have to be accompanied by bad things!

I have attained the overall plans for the medical housing proposed to be directly across from the Cancer Center (It is an open field, high and dry) and will rival the size of the newly built medical building. Now let’s … Continue reading

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History is sometimes hard to relate to the present.

Just came off a tremendous Preservation Week which focused on the waterfront and wharves of Newburyport.       A comment was made last year by a prominent historic preservationist, who said rather sarcastically, “It is hard to get excited about ‘wharves’”. Which is why … Continue reading

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No Time to Take a Break!

I was hoping after a spectacular Preservation Week that we could recuperate a little but apparently that is not to be!       We’ve a development group that wants to knock down an historic home so they can put up senior housing.      … Continue reading

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Lost to History

The last two nights at the Custom House Maritime Museum really underscores the predicament we have here in Newburyport.        Here it is the present and we are only just now beginning to identify how important Newburyport was to our Nation’s … Continue reading

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

There must be a formula somewhere indicating what is valuable for collectors in the future.       Unfortunately for most of us, it truly is secret. Gilligan’s Island was called trash television when I was a kid.      All the advertisements and accessories … Continue reading

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The Bible is very clear as to timing in this world and if there is any place where it is needed is in politics.          To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: … Continue reading

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