Good things don’t have to be accompanied by bad things!

I have attained the overall plans for the medical housing proposed to be directly across from the Cancer Center (It is an open field, high and dry) and will rival the size of the newly built medical building.

Tentative Plans

Now let’s be blunt.    It’s a monster of a complex.     Other than drainage issues, I think it is really cool that the whole Anna Jaques Hospital area is becoming a medical campus.    It really makes us a regional resource. (And brings in real jobs and real tax revenue)    It is far enough away from Toppan’s Lane that it will only have a small effect on the streetscape.

But then comes this little matter.         The demolition of an historic home.      

Like I said, some accommodation to the treasured assets of our City must be dealt with and that doesn’t include demolition.         Even Northbridge Communities, LLC Needless Demolitionunderstands that an entire project could be threatened if accommodation is not made for our historic seaport.

I can not make it tonight due to a scheduling conflict.      For those who can, please take the time to show up and defend the Newburyport Historic District.    

-P. Preservationist

PS. It will be crowded but the ZBA has been forced to move into the Police Station conference room and of course, it’s the fifth case to be reviewed tonight.       Aargh!    They may not even get to it tonight.

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