One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

There must be a formula somewhere indicating what is valuable for collectors in the future.       Unfortunately for most of us, it truly is secret.

Gilligan’s Island was called trash television when I was a kid.      All the advertisements and accessories were frowned upon.     Now years later, that trash television is gold.

When I was a child I had a vast Hot Wheels ® collection.    But everyone was telling me as I grew up that Matchbox cars were the ones to save, so my cars and all the cool accessories were thrown out.      Years later, now it’s Hot Wheels that’s in demand – people bring out their proud Matchbox collections and the collectors just shake their heads.    “That’s nice,” they sarcastically comment.

I just was given some priceless notebooks compiled by the early NRA documenting the step by step restoration of the Downtown filled with terrible pictures of how bad Newburyport looked before and during the demolitions.       And a notebook of the beautiful finished restoration.       All were chucked by someone into a dumpster as worthless.

Now that Newburyport is filling up with newcomers – most who assume that our City has always been this beautiful and a few arrogantly asserting that the way it is now has always been; these pictures are important.

First, they remind everyone that if we abandon historic preservation; this Historic Seaport could cease being the regional envy and return to dire and mediocre status again.      Our past truly is the key to our future!    They need to understand that history and historic preservation is the foundation for good hospitals, safe neighborhoods, schools and our high quality of life. 

Second, it helps those Cambridge-like elitists in town to understand that we should be thankful for how beautiful we are now and not nitpick on the misguided who botch their historic buildings.      The photo’s will humble us and remind us that advocacy, patience and education will be necessary to guide citizens to correct restoration – all moving forward to preserving and protecting Newburyport.

Pictures of our history and history itself allows us to view life in our City with a healthy perspective.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Busy scanning them in – I’ll share them later.

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