History Dodgers

It is very re-assuring that a steady group of citizens have decided to support the local historic district ordinance.       We can watch it daily as new names of real life Newburyporters are added to the Champions of Historic Preservation.

As soon as all the political brouhaha is done, the finalized list will be presented to the City Council.      I’ll make sure the names are in alphabetical order and those living in Newburyport will have their names double checked for residency.       Then it will be off to the printers!

Don’t worry about it being too many people – I’ll just roll it up like a scroll!

Now, many think I’m being vindictive by listing the Raggers & Rogues List on my website but I am not.    

I am doing it for two practical reasons:

One, there is nothing more infuriating than having someone stare you right in the face and lie to you that they were in support of something all along!       I would like to identify them so I can discount and devalue their public statements.        Haven’t you been told by someone, “You have to go see this movie!” or, “You gotta read this book.”    Only to find you were steered in the wrong direction?      By noting who it is, when they suggest something else in the future, you can save aggravation and time by ignoring them!       After the LHD gets put in, I want to identify those who start whining about any future disadvantages and who start throwing up roadblocks.    Then I know their motivation is tainted and I can expose their true goals.

Two, I want history to properly record the debate.      Ask yourself, “Where are all the detractors and naysayers who wanted to bulldoze our downtown?” “Who are these people amongst us who laughed at the idea of heritage tourism or historic preservation?    None of these people just disappeared.        I for one want to know who they are.    Believe me, it is far more glorious to hear someone say, “I was wrong – I have repented and changed my viewpoints” then to go around hiding such blemishes and deceiving people.

I for one believe that history should not be used for a propaganda tool – I want to know the unblemished truth with all the warts.     

-P. Preservationist

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