Ten Top Areas for Bricking: 47 to 75 High Street

The Ridge 47-75 IIYou would think after all the hard work done to fix up the fencing on The Ridge, that you would want to make sure the area was consistently historic – no ugly blacktop to mar the historic scene – but unfortunately, this is Newburyport.       Because things have remained in such a condition for so long and no one has really pointed out the obvious; no one does anything because they are used to seeing it this way.The Ridge 47-75

But if we want to enhance our heritage tourism and really bring the city up a notch, this little stretch facing The Ridge should be bricked.

This condition by which we just get ‘used to’ things not being right is probably a greater obstacle than anything else in this Old Historic Seaport.

If anyone takes the effort and time to fix the situation, all of a sudden you have a crowd attacking and criticizing.      This of course only encourages more wrongs never to be righted.

The rest of us don’t want a new city; we just want those things that are broken, fixed!

And our sidewalks need to be an asset to the community instead of an embarrassment.

Of course, I would love to have all the sidewalks within the Newburyport Historic District made of brick, lined with granite curbing and ADA-compliant and consistent throughout.        But at this time, we simply don’t have the money so it makes common sense to focus bricking at the most advantageous stretches in our City.


Let’s make this stretch a priority!

Resurface this section with brick – improve our image, raise our property values and most of all, show off our Ridge – it beats hands down Chestnut Street in Salem.


-P. Preservationist

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