Never stop learning

I really have been enjoying our local blogs – I just keep learning knew things all the time. Just read the fascinating post by Mary Eaton – I always sort of sensed that but she actually defined a common political practice, the ‘proof by assertion’ principle.   Talk about expanding the mind.

I have met thousands of people who approach life with a set amount of belief and knowledge, either acquired while growing up or absorbed from their younger days and then one day, they declared, “Enough!”        And from that point on the concept of acquiring new information or even acquiring what is going on in the big world is shut off.

It’s easy to see them.        Whatever they had in their closets at that time is now “it” – Whatever hair was fashionable at that day of declaration is now ‘their’ official hairstyle.

And you’ve seen them too especially if you go back and attend a class reunion.      It can be eye-opening and just a bit odd.

They do it because it gives them a sense of security – they feel ‘safe’ with a set number of friends and familiar environments.    They make great employees because they actually love doing the same thing over and over again…for decades.

Unfortunately, this mindset will not protect them in the end.      The big, bad, real world sooner or later comes crashing in and wipes out all those preconceived and safe notions.

And they are left as victims, and I might say, clueless as to why they have been victimized.

The wiser lifestyle is to keep learning.          And I might say, it has its negatives.     It is challenging and unsettling.     You have to ask questions such as, “What is really going on out in the world?”  What are the real problems and why do people have different solutions for the same issue?      What are the pluses and minuses for a certain position?     “What is the motivation behind certain people?”    “Do people’s words match their actions?”    Or even more, “Is the message more important than the person proclaiming it?”

This all requires thinking and reasoning and social judgments  and having your assumptions attacked and you must use your mind to build up a factual and logical defense!

And that is scary!     Better to live a lie and be happy then to find out  the truth and be miserable!         Even though overloaded with special effects, that was the whole plot behind The Matrix movies.      

I am having a hard time getting people to understand what is really going on in Newburyport.    More often than not, they don’t want to know.        Better to be blissfully ignorant and be happy than to see our community as it really is!

Because when they do, they will see clearly what needs to be resolved and the knowledge of that fact will require they do something about it.


-P. Preservationist

PS. As a corollary, ever noticed long standing problems in Newburyport? (Like sidewalks, etc.)    No one gets upset or even acknowledges them until someone tries to fix the problem.      The immediate action is to try to stop the person or group which is trying to resolve the issue.     Better to deal with familiarity in a happy state then do the hard work of fixing it!

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