Nice Try

First the Mayor wanted to go for the State Senate seat and now an attempt to be a diplomat between two warring parties.      As we can see from Obama’s visit, with all his advisors – it sort of fell short with the Taliban.    Here in Newburyport, I don’t think it had much luck between the two sides on the historic preservation issue.

One side wants to keep the winning formula for our future which is historic preservation and the other wants to turn us into the sorry state of the Town of Plymouth. (I invite you to visit this town – which should be awash with heritage tourism dollars.     It’s an all day trip – getting down there and getting back.    But all you have to do is drive around for an hour and you can see why it’s in trouble.)

The fact is the pressure is mounting to resolve this quickly.    I was watching the movie, Bladerunner for the umpteenth time and one of the characters asked the question, “Ever had an itch that you just can’t scratch?”         The politicians and citizens want to go back to the comforting state of apathetic and ignorant blissfulness; except to do so, we must somehow get rid of all these darn signs!

Plus, the anti-historic preservation group’s clock is ticking.     The more facts come out about our history, about the LHD ordinance and the positive benefits from not just this one ordinance but in general historic preservation practices – and people are going to find out that all the alarm and fear-mongering is unsubstantiated.     Wolves   Now that we have had a Forum and a Q & A; the facts are now available.      This will protect Newburyport’s fabric!

These ‘anti’ people have been crying wolf!

The more time to get the real message out and the anti-‘s have nothing left but big Red Bloody signs like Doomsday Sayers – it won’t be long before they are part of the landscape.


Ugh!     Ever had an itch that you just can’t scratch!?!

-P. Preservationist

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