Why a Spaghetti Dinner?

This is not a philosophical diatribe – but a policy statement.       This blog and website exist to promote heritage tourism, historic preservation, infrastructure and quality of life issues.     So why the listing on the www.ppreservationist.com for tomorrow night’s event when so many other worthy groups are doing fundraisers?

Because all the things that we hold dear in Newburyport and which the Brick and Tree blog promotes are all wrapped up in this one event.

The Old South is where the Reverend George Whitfield is buried.     All the agnostics, atheists and secularists may have long forgotten what he did but if it wasn’t for his efforts, the United States truly would not have existed.    

Fortunately, most of the country hasn’t forgotten!

Preaching from Georgia to Maine, he was the vanguard of liberty largely responsible for the Great Awakening.        The amazing concept that an individual could have a personal relationship with God aside from organized religion and aside from the King. (Which so often in Europe would happen to be the ‘head’ of the organized church.)    We think it strange judging from our wonderful vantage point of the 21st century but back then the ‘King’ dictated your prayer book, authorized the version of the Bible, and approved the hymns.       Government officials would go round to find out who was baptized so they could keep count on who to tax and to conscript for the military.    Rev. Whitfield preached a personal relationship with God and he among others set the nation on fire.          It is this cherished recognition that brings people from all over the world to visit the Old South.      

    • This spaghetti dinner is to raise money for keeping up this national treasure.
    • This spaghetti dinner assists toward promoting heritage tourism.
    • This spaghetti dinner promotes historic preservation as there is a preservation restriction on this precious building which adds to the Newburyport Historic District.
    • This spaghetti dinner promotes in the long run, the increased and stable equity and property values and special place of Newburyport that everyone enjoys because the Old South is in one piece!

All that in a plate of spaghetti!   

Now that’s pasta that promotes community health!

-P. Preservationist

PS.   That’s tomorrow night from 5:30 to 7:30, at the fellowship hall that faces School Street.       $6 for adults and $3 for children.      Hosted by the Old South Women’s Fellowship.      All proceeds go to the Capital Building Fund.

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