Blogging requires hard work

I know Councilor Herzog is in the business of promoting electronic social media – and that is his expertise – making it useful.

Good luck to him.    It’s important work.

My gosh!      It is so hard for me to deal with it without becoming extremely impatient.     All I see in Facebook and Twitter is the shallowness of content – these medias have become the electronic equivalent of ‘small talk’ which I realize is an important component of social interaction.       But I have always been a person who wants to know what the bottom line is and to stick with facts no matter if it is unpleasant or may not necessarily aid in your cause.  

And most of all, to find out what is really going on in the community.

Most people in Newburyport have absolutely no idea and then there is a small group of clever ones who use that general ignorance for their own purposes.       True knowledge then becomes the leverage for power. (And robs the average citizen from making informed intelligent political decisions and becoming easily manipulated!)

That was why my wife and I were attracted to Citizens for Environmental Balance or CEB for short.     The name sounds like a wacko environmental group out to kill off humans so the animals can live in peace – but no – they are concerned with maintaining the quality of life in Newburyport – that wonderful balance of architecture, eco-tourism, business, farming, heritage tourism, industry, marine pursuits, watersheds and wildlife.         But above all else, dedicated to keep the citizens fully informed on what is REALLY going on in the community.    Which is why we do candidate interviews whenever our local councilors and Mayor are campaigning.

John Macone is right-on when it comes to blogging.    It’s dying because it requires the hard work of research and proper journalism without the perks and respect of the traditional Press.        And exposing what is really going on is highly unpopular – which is why even today’s mainstream news services have largely abandoned investigative reporting.    

Free speech is predicated on the discovery and deliverance of truth. -Joe D’Amore, Editorial, Daily News, 19 Oct 11



So, I might not gain as many Facebook ‘friends’ as others do but my satisfaction is seeing more and more citizens in Greater Newburyport being fully informed on what is happening around town.


Wouldn’t you think it would be rather nice knowing more than the average visiting tourist in town?

-P. Preservationist

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