Presentation Time

Just in case you were wondering when the Champions of Historic Preservation banner will be presented to the City Council – that time will be just before the Local Historic District Study Committee presents their finished product.

So there is plenty of time – we have presently 400 plus names and growing.    

In an aside comment – if you live in one of the twelve non-historic district neighborhoods; it would make a great impact if you would post a Yes LHD sign.      All these areas depend on a preserved and vibrant historic Newburyport to keep their property values high.    Putting up a sign indicates you understand that process and will go a long way toward assisting the entire City to realize how vital preservation is to our economic health.       It also is good if these signs go up in Wards 1, 4, 5 and 6.

The LHD is designed to benefit ALL of Newburyport.

-P. Preservationist

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