Sucking up all the oxygen!

There are a lot of different interests in Newburyport who should be exuberantly thanking the Local Historic District Study Committee and the Citizens for Historic Newburyport.          The ‘anti’s’ have been focusing all their attention on the LHD and it is literally making them oblivious to all the other changes that concerned citizens have been working on to improve our community.

I almost hesitate to mention them because I would hate the  ‘anti’s’ to show up and make other advocates miserable!      It is clear that facts don’t matter to the anti’s, history doesn’t matter to them and rational argument is thrown right out the window!     But, I would like genuine responsible citizens out there to be aware of what is being done to make Newburyport a real regional leader more so than it is now!

I’ll be brief and maybe it will slip by these irrational curmudgeons:

National Historic Landmark Initiative

Solar City Designation

The Zero Waste Initiative

The School Vote on June 5th

The new Wetlands Ordinance

The new Street Tree Ordinance

The re-working of the North-side of the Football Stadium

The extension of the Clipper City Rail Trail

The historic design plans for the Titcomb Street Parking Garage

The conversion of some of the Parking Lot at the Train Station to Affordable Housing Units

The new traffic circle by the Chain Bridge

The new Little River Trail System initiative in the Common Pasture

The new South Jetty re-work

The re-working of the boat ramps at Cashman &  Joppa Parks.

U.S. Coast Guard City Designation and preparations for August

I won’t even bother to put links to these things.      I just want to let you know what is going on out there and allow you, the responsible citizen, to do some research and attend public meetings.       And we can always pray the contrary people don’t show up!

-P. Preservationist

Note: These anti’s make really non-sensible statements that can make the jaw drop in disbelief.      This is what I have heard recently: “We have too many parks in town”    “We should be focusing on our industrial park.”  “We should repeal CPA”  “Nobody uses those rail trails anyhow – why are we wasting our tax money on them?”   “Why should we care what goes on in our downtown shops – they’re just for tourists anyhow.”    And of course, my favorite: “I don’t care about historic preservation – I want to protect my house.”     Once I hear these comments, I’m too flabbergasted to even try to counter them.   Where do I begin?  All I can say is, “Oh, my gosh!”   

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