They’re Coming!

One has only to look a few miles east or northwest to see that respect for, love of historic houses is neither consensual, nor enduring.

-Clare Keller, Newburyport Resident, Online Petition, 17 Feb, 2012


The Boston Globe has three important articles this week on the growing trend to simply disregard the value of our  historic homes or even of an entire historic neighborhood.     Demolition Delays and zoning restrictions are simply added into the business plan and ‘waited out’ or wrangled into irrelevance – with but one goal in mind – tear down the old and replace it with new.    Or, worse, to minimize the liability, tear down the old and replace it with a parking lot!     

All around us this ‘new economy’ simply has no room for authentic, historic homes.    Unless they are outright prohibited from being demolished or denuded of their historic architecture; they will be simply knocked down or pushed aside for immediate profit.

And yet, it is our historic homes and neighborhoods that have created our City’s enviable economic position.       Without protections, we will be a grand mansion infested with termites!        Constantly gnawing away, until one day, the entire economic framework of our city which is heritage tourism will collapse.

I don’t have a prescription to the online Boston Globe but many here in town do, so please take the time to look up these articles – you will be alarmed and will soon realize that the developers and newly arrived, self-centered homeowners are drooling to exploit our high equity and property values ironically derived from heritage tourism!

When boom spells doom
As development picks up, less interest seen in saving historic structures
By David Rattigan, Globe Correspondent / April 19, 2012

Apr 18, 2012 2:15 PM | North | Historic houses demolished or due for demolition
Some historic structures at risk in – or recently gone from — the Globe North Region.

Apr 19, 2012 1:22 AM | North | Historic demolitions have preservationists concerned As area buildings are scheduled for demolition, some preservations are concerned that it’s part of a trend away from an important cultural resource.

Yes, they are coming!

-P. Preservationist

PS. And unless we enact the LHD ordinance, there will be nothing we can do to stop them.    This new type of developer eats demolition delays for lunch.

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