General Exhaustion

I definitely get a general sense of political exhaustion around Newburyport concerning the local historic district ordinance issue.      The Daily News is exhausted and the editorial page reflects a general throw back to inane editorials and interesting tidbits.       As I predicted, the anti-historic preservation groups involved in anger and hate have exhausted themselves.        And the number of signage ‘spots’ seem to be swaying plus one or add two, etc.       Nothing really exciting out there.     I mean – how many giant banners can you throw up for viewing? (That’s not a dare by the way – good grief if we have anymore pointless bloody-red false-alarms to look at!)       Like union signs, it won’t be long before we accept them as part of the landscape. (A big good grief!)

And as for saving face, no one is willing to change their stance – and now no one really wants to bring up the subject in polite company. (Lest they lose all that politeness.)

All we can do on the pro-LHD side is just keep showing the facts.     And it seems to be paying off.     Slowly but surely more and more are adding their names to the Champions of Historic Preservation

But I think most people are just standing back and observing.      It still amazes me how many hundreds of homes simply have nothing on their lawns except maybe an Anna Jaques sign, saying rather meekly, “We support our local community though we have actually no idea what that means.”

I think they are actually waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Local Historic District Study Committee hasn’t finished the final ordinance.    We still have a public hearing that needs to be scheduled.      We still need it to go to City Council.     We will still need it to go to a subcommittee, who in turn, will schedule one or more public hearings and then eventually back to City Council for a vote.     

I don’t think the final subcommittee public hearing will have as an empty a room as I saw Tuesday night but it may be!       Summer is just around the corner and we all do have a beautiful City to enjoy.

We may even see those ugly banners come down before Yankee Homecoming!

-P. Preservationist

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