Cattle Prod

cow in field

Some people get so mad at me for making statements that criticize the Preservation Trust.     Sorry, I refuse to play the role of a cheerleader propping up a tired old fan base for a football team.      One, we have an excited and re-energized group of citizens in the City who get what Newburyport is all about.   And Two, we have a great, structured-for-success organization all set to win.

The fact is that the Newburyport Preservation Trust should be a powerful force in Newburyport…and their not.      And, we have several hundred highly capable historic preservationists with a combined knowledge and talent pool that should knock the anti-historic preservationists right on their can…and their not.    

We’ve got more than a hundred who are outstanding in their field and their not doing the job of a Trust*.

Just like a cow out in the field who refuses to come into the barn to produce milk, we’ve got a whole bunch who refuse to join the community and produce the sweet milk of historic preservation benefits!      So what do you do?    

It’s time for that cattle prod!

Now the cow may bellow and even turn around and try to kick the farm hand; but after awhile, she gets the message and starts lumbering back to get milked.

I’m the farmhand.      And I might end up with a bunch of angry ‘out in the fielders’ and they may try to kick me; but if we’re going to see real progress in Newburyport – I’ve got to keep poking.

There is so much at stake!       The ‘Trust has to produce results or our future is lost.     

There is no other appropriate organization that can replace or supplant their role in our historic seaport.

-P. Preservationist

* Don’t point to Tom Kolterjahn’s great work with the Powder House or Bill Harris’ fine efforts on the wharves; Newburyport’s historic district is not composed of powder houses and wharves!     And the Citizens of Historic Newburyport’s work is not directly connected to the Trust!

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