Mass Save and Historic Preservation, Part II

So how can you start?   By first having Mass Save come to your house for an overall energy evaluation. While there, they may install or provide means by which you can save in heating costs.   For the more expensive techniques or processes (insulation, energy-star appliances, etc.), they can offer large discounts and also seek to provide financing through heat loan programs. While their benefiting YOU they will also inspect your home to see if it qualities for solar panels. If it does, they will have a separate meeting with you to explain three options.(with no obligations, really) One, (for the financially endowed amongst us) you prepay a certain amount, get your solar power and then start providing for yourself and contribute to the energy grid. (You end up getting money back via different means as you contribute!). Two, you lay some money down for getting it setup and you pay for some of the cost of installation and you pay back periodically as you generate energy and eventually seek full-payment and total energy independence.

solar panels on roofNow, the third option, for poor preservationists like me, just makes sense. In fact, I wouldn’t have bothered to have them come out if this third-way had not been available.     I didn’t want to waste their time or mine.      In this process, they install the solar panels for small money, maintain and repair it for twenty years (That’s awesome) and you end up paying a monthly utility bill just like the regular electric bill you’ve been paying out anyway but at a substantially reduced level.          Now, that’s what I call realistic!

The utility company becomes the battery.      You generate electricity during the day that pumps into the grid and at night, you draw back in.     No messy wires, no toxic batteries and no complicated transformers.     And, if you sustain your energy efficiency habits, then as you provide more and use less, you get credits and savings additionally.


Keep in mind that not all of us can make use of this option simply because of the position of the house.       I live in a separately-deeded half-house and my neighbor in the same building is facing the wrong way north.      

MassSaveEither way, getting Mass Save out to your house pays big in saving you money and making your historical home more comfortable to live in.

To start, apply here.    Next Step Living* takes care of our area.    If you have already had them come out a long time ago or even last year, it is worth having them come out again.      Each homeowner can ask for a visit annually.     It is a  great way to see if the measures of the year before did their job.

AND BE SURE TO TELL THEM IF YOU ARE IN AN HISTORICAL HOME.       And if you do, and you did your homework learning about the history of your home and the changes that occurred over the years, be sure to tell them the whole story.     This will help them immensely in discovering ways to make your home more energy efficient.

-P. Preservationist

* If you need to know more about this company, they work closely with the Energy Advisory Committee.    I would contact the Mayor’s office or the City Clerk’s office for contact information for your queries.

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