Mud Slinging

I couldn’t believe my eyes.      The same bogus two-page flyer that is full of over ten lies about the LHD is still being passed around to our unsuspecting citizens.       Worse, with no facts, with no history and with no precedent; they have decided to become MORE OBNOXIOUS!     They are going to increase pressure on our poor longsuffering city councilors.       All that anger, all that hate – is going to be directed toward our elected leaders.   If I was a dark sider, I’d get an easy chair and watch the Bruins!      These people will be doing all the work for you.

It is at this time, we who care about the future of Newburyport need to redouble our efforts by being professional and respectful when approaching our councilors and the Mayor.      Our letters should be passionate and sincere but laced with courtesy.        At the same time, be sure to ‘keep perspective’.       They want to drag us down into the mud and make us as crazy and nasty as they are.       Notice in their editorials, they taunt us by accusing us of being of bad behavior.      Don’t fall for it.   

We’re not the ones vandalizing signs.      We’re not the ones giving our councilors a hard time.     We’re not spreading around lies and scaring people.      

Just keep writing letters to the editor, keep talking to our elected leaders and be firm with our message.       In the meantime, relax, enjoy Spring and have a life.

Anger and hate is very exhausting.         Eventually, we will outlast them.

-P. Preservationist

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