They’re starting to sweat!

Listen, I’m not concerned with the odd 60 people who have put those ghastly anti-historic preservation signs up.     I’ve checked who they are – they are simply our fellow citizens who refuse to face the facts but hey, at least for now, it’s a free country!   They have a write to make a fool of themselves.     Nor am I concerned with the unethical conduct of the property-rights fanatics with their fantasy view of American Society.        My main concern is with the dark siders.      

They are called dark siders not because they are evil but because they work politically in the dark.      They don’t expose themselves but they are very skilled in putting pressure on elected leaders through subtle ways.       It is they who concern me.          

I was hoping that Councilor Sullivan would focus on education which he is known for championing but I am afraid he has decided otherwise.      He is now the closest we have to an informal public spokesperson for the dark side.  (Al Lavender had informally assumed that position when the drive to gut the CPA was initiated. (And defeated at the polls))

His call tells me a lot about what is going on in the minds of this hidden group.     He knows and they know that the longer this debate on the LHD goes on, more information is going to come out about the benefits of this ordinance.      Instead of anecdotal evidence, ‘my Uncle Harry, the banker, wouldn’t pour money into Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth’ (Have you seen how nice it is up there!?!) and mysterious LHD commissioners transported from the future invading a private homeowner’s house; documentation, and statistics will keep coming out defeating all the craziness, lies and deception.     And the Preservation Trust hasn’t even started with their efforts to inform the public!       And when the general public finds out they have been snookered*, there will be a backlash against the anti-historic preservation groups.

The quicker it can be brought to a vote – the better chance of defeating it while the general public are fearful and confused!       

In other words, we’re making them sweat!      This LHD ordinance might just pass!

-P. Preservationist

* To fool, to dupe (Free Online Dictionary)

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