A Moment in Time–don’t lose out!

Unfortunately, a little line in the Daily News, “Black-tie affair”, has discourage some from attending A Moment in Time.      I am happy to announce this was an error.   THIS IS NOT A BLACK TIE AFFAIR (John Farley can take the dollar signs out of their eyes!)       BUT IT IS A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EVENT!

April 14th, marks the 100th anniversary when the Titanic went down – and if there is not a more appropriate place to be is at our historic Custom House!

Not only will you hear about that fateful night but as the evening progresses, you will be experiencing foods and hors d’ oeuvres that are modeled after the actual fare served on the cruise.       Some of the food is what was served to the third class, some to the second class and, of course, the exquisite selections served to the first class.

A large detailed model of the Titanic will be on display as well as live musical entertainment.        There is even more to be provided that night which I can not even begin to cover.

This fundraiser is definitely the event not to miss in Newburyport.

Admission is $100/person and $175 for a couple (find someone!)

A great time all around which will benefit the Museum and provide quite an experience!

In the meantime, one of the museum members is actually on a cruise ship approaching the Titanic’s spot where she went down – you can watch as they approach the ominous place!

To get tickets, press here!

-P. Preservationist

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