It’s getting bulky!

Champions of Historic PreservationListen, I am not complaining – I’m just looking at the price tag for having the new Champions of Historic Preservation list made up into a full-size banner.       After all is said and done, I will organize it by alphabetical order so each citizen who participated can easily find their name and historians won’t kill themselves while researching.       I plan on submitting this to the Newburyport Library Archives.

In the meantime, keep signing up.      I know many who, intimidated by the anti-historic preservation groups with their anger and ‘threats’ have hesitated to add their names believing that a giant groundswell will hurt their businesses or cause them harm politically and damage their standing in the community.

You needn’t have worried.       So far, we have about 375 plus names on the online petition (with new additions just about every day) and most of those names are quite significant leaders in our City. (In other words, these are ‘real’ voters who actually keep track on what is happening in our city and are concerned enough to preserve what good we have here!)

Opposing in the Raggers and Rogues list are 60 odd names.      I’ve gone around town and tracked the signs and, yes, that’s about it.       I guess ghastly blood-red signs are pretty powerful in their impact but their presence indicates they have no political or real foundation to stand upon.       

Councilor Sullivan claimed the ‘masses’ were against it.      I think he was counting on homeowners in the dozen non-historic neighborhoods to vote against it as if their quality of life will not be impacted by the loss of historic preservation protections.       Fortunately, unlike other communities, politics is felt very intensely here and that means people want to know the facts.      And the facts indicate the historic district IS our very real economic engine and will impact everyone if lost.

Newburyport’s past preservation – thanks to both circumstance and vision – has come to define who we are and anchors our quality of life. Today all Newburyporters have a stake in the authenticity of the city’s historic character.

                                                -Preservation Trust Website


We now see that the ‘masses’ get what Newburyport is all about and it is time to disregard the loud groundless shouting from a determined minority.      The online petition keeps growing; more YES LHD Signs are appearing.           According to the Daily News, to get this passed, we need a groundswell of public support.

Well you’ve got it – now let’s see the City Council turn that into a guarantee of our future cultural and economic health!

-P. Preservationist

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