A Little Flat Now

As I was enjoying Jonathan Wells’ excellent editorial, “A counterpoise to your gravitas”; I noticed the two anti-historic preservation editorials on the right.       I was pleased to see two new names appear in public that I hadn’t seen before and proudly added them to the Raggers and Rogues list.       The latter was the typical excess hyperbole likening local ordinances to national healthcare as if a local historic district commission is similar to Obama’s ‘death panels’.     Yeah, yeah – black helicopters and a U.N. conspiracy, etc.  Now that our citizens have watched the two videos, the LHD Forum and the LHD Q & A; and seen the fact that historically, local historic districts were started by a local community in the South and its success has spread nationally – and that the aesthetic controls are minimal monitored by local citizens; that silliness is just done.

But then came this long diatribe by David M. Tierney.      I know he’s not illiterate because he just wrote this editorial but wouldn’t it be nice if he actually read the draft ordinance and watched the videos?      He would have learned out of the mouth of the Zoning Board of Appeals Chair, Ed Ramsdell, that zoning was never intended to control design review and that is why the state constitution has two separate categories – one on zoning and one on local historic districts.       And then he goes on about ‘museums’ and ‘architectural purity’ and a whole bunch of misconceptions.     

He can write so how come he can’t read?

Empty rhetoric just comes across as flat – it might sway impressionable children and the mentally-lazy; but it’s just taking up print space in the opinion page.     

The only one getting any benefit is the Daily News – convenient for filler!

-P. Preservationist

PS. In fact, they are so flat – it’s not worth adding comment on the online Daily News!

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