Calm Down & Just Switch

Listen – I understand.      You were intimidated, lied to and scared into being against the LHD.       If someone ran up to you and screamed to get out of your house because it’s on fire; you grab your coat, grab the children and pets and clear out as fast as you can hoping your neighbors have already called the fire department.

But I bet you  would be pretty mad when you find out it was an April Fool’s Joke!

So now, as you watched the videos, read the documents and, I might add, the history and stats on the whole concept of a local historic district ordinance; you slowly realize something.


That’s right – just take a deep breath, look around and notice that you live in one of the most beautiful cities in New England (if not the most beautiful)*.         All because of historic preservation!      


If you hear someone from Salisbury carping over the LHD – I invite you to drive up and down the streets just east of Salisbury Beach.       After you have been thoroughly horrified – you can stop hyperventilating and cross back over the Gillis Bridge.       

MY SOLUTION?       Take down the ghastly sign outside your house and if you would be so kind – replace it with an Historic Yes Sign.       Put your name on the online petition so I can add you to the Champions of Historic Preservation – and let’s protect the good we have here!

And for those who have courageously signed up already – A BIG THANK YOU.      We plan on printing out in large format so history won’t miss your name!     And I might add, we are only 23 names away from having 400 – that was a whole lot more people, who back in the late sixties, signed their Champions of Historic Preservation Petition that saved our Downtown.

Well done!

-P. Preservationist

* I just went to a big statewide shindig last night – Good Grief!     My suggestion is if you get invited outside of town DON’T TELL THEM YOU’RE FROM NEWBURYPORT – No longer do they talk about themselves or on the topic of the night – it’s about how beautiful Newburyport is and what wonderful things they love about it.        It’s like a broken record!

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