Applause Please!

We need to give the citizens of Newburyport another big applause for the way they conducted themselves at the LHD Q &A.         Just like the Storey Avenue Re-zoning Public Hearings (Yes, we have yet another one coming up!), passions were evident but civility ruled the day.         Anyone watching this on the Internet or at PortMedia’s channel; will be able to learn quite a bit just from the intense, probing questions by our neighbors.

Another big applause should be extended to the Local Historic District Study Committee.     In many cases, the intensity of feeling by different factions can often make a public hearing a very stiff and unwieldy process with everyone uptight and nervous.    In contrast, the Study Committee members were relaxed, not defensive and patiently determined to stay until everyone’s questions had been answered.

If you see a lot of jerking head movements in this video, please forgive me.     The intent was to remove a lot of ‘dead spaces’ that occurred either from long pauses from questioners or when the committee was deliberating an answer.       You may also have to adjust the volume control as some were really up close to the mike and others were soft spoken. (And Murphy was present as there were mike problems again!)

Enjoy and learn!

-P. Preservationist

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