An Important Note for History

For the sake of a future historian, would you please check the spelling of your name in the Champions of Historic Preservation.          I can just imagine some poor researcher in the future trying to find out more information on the signers only to be thwarted by a misspelling.

John Jay Currier, when he wrote a “History of Newburyport, MA 1764-1905” ascribed the wrong house to the founder of the Maritime Society.     Today, the wrong house has been lovingly preserved as being historic while his real house has been chopped up into condominiums!

Therefore, please check your name and the information attached to it and inform me if it needs to be corrected.

As for the Rappers and Rogues list, let me know for history’s sake, your opposition if you are missing from the list.    And, we certainly don’t want to get your name spelled incorrectly!

-P. Preservationist

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