Another Lie Shot Down

The anti-historic preservation group has been buttonholing people with a rather creative lie:     Your property insurance will go up if you are in a local historic district.

So, Lo!    I was at the Old Barn & House Exposition this last weekend.     I looked at some of the workshops they were offering.      Right at 2:00, an insurance agent that handles historic old homes was going to speak.      So I attended and asked the presenter (who is fully licensed in all fifty states) a question.      If you live in a local historic district, does your insurance end up going up?     She stated without hesitation, “No, it does not.”    

She explained the key to insurance is to protect your treasured asset.     The real challenge is to find insurance companies that are familiar with historic homes that are older than 1940.          Many in the marketplace do not and so the trick is to find them.        She also made it clear that the objective of the insurance should be to have a home that is of replacement value.     A home may be partially damaged and you want the replacement section to be of equivalent quality of materials as the section untouched.       She stressed that it is the insurance agent that needs to sit down with you to find out the best product for protection.

And that is the real key.      

We have agents locally who are intimately familiar with old homes and know the best coverage for your home.     

In fact, some of them were at the forefront of historic preservation before it was even a popular thing.

Here is just a sampling of Newburyport companies* that KNOW your historical home:

Arthur Page
Chase & Lunt
Peter L. Chetsas

I am going to follow up with another post on property insurance.     Not being an insurance agent, I will carefully report the PowerPoint that was shown us at the conference and provide references.     Some of the questions from the audience weren’t bad either and brought out some answers that I will be pleased to relate.

But here again is another piece of misinformation concerning the LHD – ignore the lies and speak with one of the companies listed above!

-P. Preservationist

* If I have forgotten a local business that works with our inventory of old buildings, please let me know and I’ll bring it immediately to everyone’s attention.

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