After knowing the truth–we welcome you aboard

If you received this scary letter in the mail that told you that terrible things will happen to Newburyport if an LHD is instituted; and you didn’t know anything about the ordinance – it is natural for you to hurriedly sign the petition to stop it.     If you were told scary claims about the LHD while getting a bagel or picking up the mail, it is natural to lend your support.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of assertions are not based on facts, have no basis on history and all the scary things they said would happen are worst-case scenario or the exact opposite of what would happen.      

The intention is to scare the dickens out of the populace.     Then on top of this, came this startling assertion February in the Newburyport Current, “Newburyport ‘Say No’ group says control not needed in historic sections”, that 200* plus people had signed the petition to stop it.     This number made many city councilors sit up and take notice.     But you would think in this media age that these 200 people would hurriedly sign up on the online petition too!      

What I think is that people in Newburyport are smart enough to know they have been had.

Listen, it is not too late to join the Champions of Historic Preservation, make history and be a proud partaker in saving Newburyport from the developer’s carving knife.      None of these petitions are legal documents in themselves.     They are public assertions of support.   If you signed the anti-historic preservation petition earlier due to fear and intimidation and misinformation; we more than welcome you to join those dedicated to the future of our great City.

The fact you joined the Champions at a later date will be justification enough!

-P. Preservationist

* Would the anti-historic preservation group please be so kind as to send the list of 200 so I can add them to the Raggers and Rogues list?     History demands its hearing.

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