A Victory for the Local Historic District!

Four years I have warned people of the Dark Siders.       Four years I have heard they don’t exist or I’m name-calling or I’m blowing it all out of proportion.      I’ve been told businesses and citizens are naturally in favor of continuing our success formula of historic preservation.   

And yet, this group is right now actively working behind the scenes to defeat the adoption of the local historic district ordinance.

We now have hundreds of citizens who proudly have signed on to our petitions. (350 at last count that I know for sure (removing out-of-Towner’s who proudly support preservation.)    I have proudly posted them for history’s sake in the Champions of Historic Preservation list.   This in comparison to 35 to 40 anti-historic preservationists. (Based on editorials and the online petition.)

And yet the city councilors and the Daily News still want to label the debate as having no ground swell?       That’s because the Dark Siders are very good at working behind the scenes.      That’s why we call them that term!

Today’s declaration to remove anonymous posters by the Daily News yanks these detractors out into the open!   They will have to give their real names.  This will be good because it is healthy for everyone when the debates are heard, read and viewed by hundreds of undecided citizens who simply want to have enough information to make an intelligent decision.       The character assassinations, lying and mud-slinging will hopefully be mostly eradicated.

I just had a neighbor who ignored all that mud, sat down and read the ordinance and the guidelines, read the editorials against and pro; and declared, “this makes sense” and has thrown their support for the LHD.     

From tonight on, it is all in the City Councilor’s hands – they need to be spoken to respectfully, and they need to receive letters, again, respectfully.      

And these Councilors need to hear many voices.     Speak with them.    Believe me, they’ve heard from me – now it’s your turn.     And follow up with letters to them.   After seeing the prose on the online petition and read some of the editorials in the paper; you can really write!     

They’ve already heard the lies, the attempts at intimidation, the fear-mongering, the hate-mongering, the misinformation and watched with horror the mud-slinging. 

It will make them very happy to receive positive letters and to speak with reasonable people!

-P. Preservationist

PS. According to the Newburyport Current, the anti-LHD group had 200 signatures back in late February – I would appreciate this group sending the names to p.preservationist@live.com.     I will gladly post them on the Raggers and Rogues List for history’s and our posterity’s sake!          

Be sure to contact your city councilors, by e-mail, in person or by snail-mail:

At-Large Barry N. Connell 36 Woodland Street 462-7462 envirocom@comcast.net

At-Large Thomas E. Jones 130 R Low Street 465-4002 joppalanding@comcast.net

At-Large Dick Sullivan Jr. 6 Leary Drive 462-2447 councillorSullivanJr@gmail.com

At-Large Kathleen O’Connor Ives 5 Market Square #1 462-0678 oconnor.ives@gmail.com

At-Large Ari B. Herzog 15 Prospect Street #1 558-0008 ariherzog@gmail.com

Ward 1 Allison Heartquist 23 Reservation Terrace 255-1076 heartquist@gmail.com

Ward 2 Gregory D. Earls 25 Milk Street 465-9324 gearls25@comcast.net

Ward 3 Robert J. Cronin 126 Merrimac Street 857-9249 croninward3@gmail.com

Ward 4 Edward C. Cameron 17 Oakland Street 518-0786 edcameronNBPT@gmail.com

Ward 5 Brian P. Derrivan 48 Bayberry Road 462-5380 derrivan@comcast.net

Ward 6 Thomas F. O’Brien 11 Moseley Ave. 465-0314 thomasobrien11@aol.com

We have a great host of supporters. Now is the time for each one to take action.

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2 Responses to A Victory for the Local Historic District!

  1. Port Sanity says:

    And yet, despite your intention to “come out of the closet” when you changed the name of your blog, there’s still been no revelation as to who the P.Preservationist is, allowing you the benefit of anonymity, at least for those who still don’t know your true, hidden identity.

  2. I have always said that if you want to know who I am, you must be involved in historic preservation. That means that 350 plus signers of the online petition probably know who I am. The city councilors know who I am. City Hall knows who I am. The Daily News knows who I am. The Mayor knows who I am. I now use the P. Preservationist as an effective literary device, nothing more.

    If Samuel Clemens went to a city editor’s office back in the late 19th century and introduced himself as “Mr. Clemens”; he’d be told to make an appointment and the editor might get back with him. He walks in and identifies himself as Mark Twain, he’d get ushered in.

    In this case, the ‘ordinary guy’ is much more effective donning the central message of enhancing and preserving Newburyport.

    Just ask around – someone will let you in on the information.

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