The lesson of Shenandoah

Jimmy Stewart in the 1965 version played a determined farmer that just wanted to not get involved in the Civil War.     He figured if he minded his own business he and his family would be left alone.

In the end, he became deeply embroiled in the conflict – sucked in by the war.

We are in a great battle right now with a bunch of anti-historic preservationists.       Try as you might think, “I won’t get involved”; they are a definite threat to your high quality of life.      

Our preservation protections are no more in the Downtown – I’ve already seen plastic windows being put up on the second floor of some of the downtown buildings.      The process of degradation has already started and some of the new construction has no design control and distracts from the singularity of our City.

If this group has its way, it will take a decade or so, but you’ll start to see our city going downhill and once it slides, the process will accelerate.

Now is the time to fight the anti-historic preservation groups before you see your investment go into the toilet later.

Speak and write to your city councilors (Be reasonable and respectful unlike the opposition), put up a yard sign and please sign the petitions, online and on paper.    And lend your support at public meetings.     

We may unwillingly be sucked into this war but if we’re determined we’ll survive it and come out with a better city than before.

-P. Preservationist

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