Mass Save Tells the Truth!

MassSaveRecently, Mass Save did a workshop for Newburyport on behest of the Mayor’s Energy Advisory Committee.      Next time they do it, they should work in conjunction with the Newburyport Preservation Trust.    Why?    Because historic homes are naturally green.     By preserving them and properly maintaining them, they can be energy efficient, sustainable, and friendly to the environment.      For those who own historic homes, I bet you didn’t know you were in the forefront of saving the planet! (Or at least in saving yourself money BIGTIME!)      

So much of what you are being told in the marketplace is the equivalent of painting a pig green!       The consumer marketplace is filled with voices proclaiming green is ripping out the old and putting in the new – that violates so much of the sustainability movement and increases the demand for wasteful landfills packed with pollutants and wasted resources!

This goes for windows especially.     DON’T DRINK THE COOL AID.    

The best way is to remove the word, ‘replace’ from your daily usage.      The healthy citizen should be maintaining and restoring – only at the most extreme cases should that word be used!     As in my case, my old historic windows I restored but the previous owner foolishly put in three replacement windows in the early 80’s and now they have disintegrated.    Now I have no choice but to replace.     Thankfully I have saved thousands of dollars by just maintaining the balance of my old windows and putting storms on them.     Whew!

Mass Save is no free stuff from the government.     We all pay a surcharge on our utility bills to pay for this program – let’s get some money back and guess what?    They love to deal with historic homes.       


They will direct you to many other areas of the building especially the attic, basement and roof area for the real culprits.

Make use of their services – YOU PAID FOR THEM.

Here is the entire workshop on video if you want to watch it.      For best viewing, enlarge it to full screen on your monitor.

If short on time, here is a short video to introduce you to the program.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Mass Save Tells the Truth!

  1. Joe cheever says:

    Thanks for your support on this. Mass Save has its flaws, but I agree with the overall concept that weatherization is the biggest bang-for-our-buck when it comes to energy. And YES, it’s your/my money available, so go get it!

    Btw, my auditor said exactly as you state here, the 19th century windows are fine. just a little maintenance on the windows and spend the big money elsewhere.

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