We’ve got a Susquehanna Hat Company on our hands!

0321120919The owners of the ill-fated Tappan House own Ipswich Bay Glass.        They do business with architects and builders throughout the region.      It won’t be long before their reputation is going to spread because of what was done with their historic home.

Apparently, just like the anti-historic preservation groups in Newburyport; deceiving, intimidating and spreading misinformation is very effective.       The owners approached Historic New England about purchasing or moving the house before they bought it for 1.6 million dollars.      Of course, the preservation organization committed to best practices refused – the prospective purchaser didn’t own it!

Once they did, they never met with Historic New England in exploring any options.    They had a prospective meeting but they canceled it.  DSCN0432     They had plenty of empty property around the building.       They could have moved it themselves.        They beat out another prospective buyer who wanted to turn this beautiful home into a bed & breakfast.        Now, on Tuesday, they took care of the home as quickly as they could hiding from public view and stealthily sending in the demolishers.

Newbury has lost future taxes from a home that could have generated income for the tax-strapped community.          The Town was cheated of potential revenue.

Our nation was cheated with a priceless historic home lost that diminished our National Heritage.

The region has lost because now developers know they can mow these buildings down in the Newbury’s and no one will stop them.  (Check out Rolfe’s Lane!)    

A bite out of historyIt is hoped that people see what a tragedy this was for the community.     It is hoped the name of Ipswich Bay Glass Company has the same reaction as the Susquehanna Hat Company did to people in the old Abbott & Costello skit.    Apparently, the only thing these people will respond to is loss of income.      

I hope they are boycotted by the architectural and construction business community!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Last picture courtesy of Newburyport Blog.

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