In the Nick of Time!

NPT LogoFor close to four years, the Preservation Trust has had a miserable situation with their website.      The first one had no memory reserves and after a hefty start, was stuck in the mud – paralyzed and useless.      The second one was much better but had little more substance than to announce the next meeting or call out coming events and pathetically stabbed at all the important issues in the most frustratingly insufficient way.

Heck, there wasn’t even a link for joining or even an e-mail address to get more information!

The whole reason I created the was that most healthy historic cities have a vibrant preservation organization that has reams of information to help owners maintain and restore their historical homes.       They have local craftsman directories and the leadership have expertise and connections with those skilled in keeping these old buildings up.      There are regular monthly seminars and workshops and many links to helpful information.           There are quarterly fundraisers and membership drives and a whole host of enlightening events and field trips.       The historic preservation group has powerful connections in the municipal government and with the elected officials and exerts much influence throughout the community.

The Preservation Trust has done none of these things consistently and it has revealed itself in the many citizens who have no idea of all the benefits of historic preservation or even why they should practice it.        Programs to help local businesses and homeowners are not present nor has any attempt at exerting through preservation easement purchases in the City. (Which is why you need the fundraisers!)

I have tried in my single way to offer something to hold the fort until the Trust wakes up.    But I am just one vehicle.  We need a host of volunteers to work at this and spread the word.

Well, finally we have a fantastic resource that we can use in the new website.

Not only does it have content and is professional in its appearance, it is done with a POP!

It has come at the nick of time as we hurriedly try to challenge and educate not just the citizens of Newburyport but our elected officials in which many feel historic preservation has no place in the city’s planning & development or any influence on our infrastructure.

Now we have something to work with!      Try it out!

-P. Preservationist

NPT Announcement

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2 Responses to In the Nick of Time!

  1. Port Sanity says:

    Bad link to the Preservation Trust web site in your article.

  2. indyjerry77 says:

    I appreciate you letting me know.

    You’re always watching out for me…and keeping me on my toes!

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