A Surprising Similarity

The anti-historic preservation group has a problem.

  • They have no facts to base their assertions.
  • They have no history to support them.
  • And they have no precedent to justify their stand.

So what do they do?      You put up huge banners in bloody red and try to visually shout down the local historic district ordinance.    

The Bigger the Banner the better.

Reminds me a lot of another sign that was big – except this one had a giant rat next to it.rat

It was the forest of signs over town that basically defeated  the union effort.   It showed that the community was behind Anna Jaques Hospital.

These embarrassing anti-historic preservation signs in an historic seaport town that lives off heritage tourism is at the height of audacity.       So many that reap the rich rewards of stable property values and a high quality of life now seek to stomp down the very source of all those benefits.

Yet it is the simple act of putting these signs out in support of historic preservation that will greatly influence our elected officials.       It is time to make LHD Yard Sgnthat simple act of support and not be on the sidelines.      So much is at stake.

We’ve done our best to show the facts, to reveal the history and we have recorded the judicial,  legal and societal justifications.         But politics has to do with winning people’s hearts – stickin’ a sign in the ground that says, “Yes, we want to keep our benefits.” is a great beginning.

-P. Preservationist

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