Calling all Champions

If you need a yard sign, please contact

If you need a magnetic bumper sticker, same e-mail.

And of course, I have the regular ‘Save Newburyport’ bumper stickers.

Be sure to contact your city councilors, by e-mail, in person or by snail-mail:

                At-Large     Barry N. Connell                    36 Woodland Street              462-7462

                At-Large     Thomas E. Jones                    130 R Low Street                     465-4002

                At-Large     Dick Sullivan Jr.                      6 Leary Drive                            462-2447

                At-Large     Kathleen O’Connor Ives       5 Market Square #1                462-0678

                At-Large     Ari B. Herzog                          15 Prospect Street #1             558-0008

                Ward 1       Allison Heartquist                 23 Reservation Terrace         255-1076

                Ward 2       Gregory D. Earls                    25 Milk Street                          465-9324

                Ward 3       Robert J. Cronin                    126 Merrimac Street              857-9249

                Ward 4       Edward C. Cameron             17 Oakland Street                    518-0786

                Ward 5       Brian P. Derrivan                   48 Bayberry Road                    462-5380

Ward 6       Thomas F. O’Brien                11 Moseley Ave.                      465-0314 

We have a great host of supporters.       Now is the time for each one to take action.

-P. Preservationist

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