Champions of Historic Preservation

I’ve been setting up the lists of the for and against based on flyers, newspaper editorials, online petitions and public statements.          Being a blogger, I will have to document my sources so there is no dispute where someone stands.      Then it’s no longer people running around crying slander.   Once entering the public arena – there is no going back.   

It’s been a real joy listing the names for the Champions of Historic Preservation list.    Being ‘afraid’ of intimidation doesn’t phase the vast majority of these brave souls*.     

I’ve been more careful as I made the Rogues List.       First, I wanted to make sure I was using the term correctly so I looked it up.        According to the free Online Dictionary, a rogue is an unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.     That’s a bit strong!      But I have seen upstanding citizens in our community who are against the local historic district ordinance with some of the weakest, most clueless, unsubstantiated reasons I have ever seen.      So, to be fair – I’ll add Raggers to the title and give the benefit of the doubt to those who are simply being misinformed or are against over principle.         With all the deception and wild political smoke out there, I can see why some may be sucked into the anti-historic preservation group.    Another thing to consider:  so many don’t have the time to wonder why their town is so ‘pretty’ or to contemplate philosophically as to why our quality of life is so high.     To those who choose the wrong side, my heart felt apology that you are being lumped in with the scoundrels!

I called the former list Champions of Historic Preservation after the historic list that was posted in the Daily News – hundreds of citizens who courageously laid their names down for historic preservation of our Downtown when the commonly held belief was to tear it all down and replace it with new buildings.       I also hearken back to the hundreds who signed the petition for the High Street LHD effort back in 1971.       May this recent effort give justification for their efforts.

-P. Preservationist

* Now I see both petitions with ‘anonymous’ listings – so why did you as an individual bother?     Did you think it would make a difference?     

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