Where are they now?

We have people who are determined to destroy Newburyport’s future.       Our recent past was framed by the historic preservation of our Downtown and the success story for the last 40 years has rung out throughout New England.         Now we have a vocal minority who benefit and are continuing to benefit from our Downtown restrictions.          Using as many political tools as they can: intimidation, lies, misinformation, disingenuous attitudes and just silliness. (For example the editorial this morning on forgetting LHD’s in place of zoning – ah, local historic district ordinance IS zoning and the writer knows better since he owns in Salem.)      Feeding on the ignorance of the citizens for their own ends!

But I wonder.    I am still upset over the Port in Progress book.      It bent over backwards to ‘forget’ all those who opposed the NRA restoration and restrictions of the Downtown.      The idea of using historic preservation was just ‘silliness’.

But now according to the book, ‘We’re all historic preservationists’.        Those who opposed were conveniently allowed to be forgotten and to disappear into the background.


We’ve suffered as a City because we allowed these dark siders to sneak behind the scenes and work relentlessly to cancel out all the many benefits of historic practices.

I want to know who they are so history can so label them.       It may make them ashamed and not contributing to city harmony but if we allow them to disappear into the woodwork; we may find rot later behind all that fine molding.       Besides, they have declared war not us.

I want to know who is pro-historic preservation and who is anti-historic preservation and not to let them forget it so they can be prevented from harming our City.

I saw in the “This Day in History” posting of  March 13th, the following was stated:

“On this day in 1770: In perhaps a foreshadowing of the American Revolution, Newbury voted to publish a list of inhabitants agreeing not to purchase any imported goods (presumably from England), including tea. They also published a second list … of those who wouldn’t sign the first one.”

I think that is an excellent idea for the local historic district dispute.        Let’s post who is for it and who is against it for history’s sake.       And if someone finally gets informed and understands the true facts and wants to switch lists, we will definitely welcome them with open arms and with joyous acceptance.     We’ll make a big deal for history to record.  We’re not the one’s being nasty and vindictive!

I’ll have it setup by Saturday on the www.ppreservationist.com website. (I do work you know!)

-P. Preservationist

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