Heavy Hitters Coming to Town

We’ve got a great meeting coming up on March 19th in the City Auditorium at 7:00.        The Local Historic District has been a nationwide success story since it was first tried out in Charleston, South Carolina.      But what is being attempted in Newburyport is a bit of a twist.     Unlike Ipswich or Salem, this isn’t some back street full of historic homes; this is our vibrant Downtown and our main show-off-to-the-nation boulevard, our wonderful High Street.        What we are doing here is much more in tune to Charleston and Savannah than some stuffy backstreet!      

The Local Historic District Study Committee has worked hard to make sure this is a flexible, reasonable ordinance that accounts for personal homeowner tastes and a for-profit business community. 

They will be taking notes on what kind of questions are being fielded to this impressive line-up of historic preservationists.      But they need questions.

Gretchen Schuler, a preservation consultant will help with the wide experience gained from different communities – what works and what hasn’t worked.

Covering the legal side will be Marilyn Fenollosa, a preservation lawyer.

And most important,

Chris Skelly, Massachusetts Commission Director of Local Government Programs, who has seen it all across the state who can cover the wide range of inquiries.

They need your questions!      Please send them to the committee to make sure they are covered during the forum.     Send to lhdsc@cityofnewburyport.com.

Rarely can a community gather such a wealth of experience in one place and right here in Newburyport.

-P. Preservationist

PS.   And please don’t waste this opportunity.      Fielding questions that are based on bias, hearsay, pure ignorance and just silliness doesn’t help the community.      Be a citizen and do your homework!       Check out the new FAQ’s and the Local Historic District Study Committee’s website first.        

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