What can be done?

We have a small vocal group that wants to abandon our 40-year success story.          They have no basis for this justification.        This foundation of lies and a plethora of  misinformation is based on the simple principle of mud-splattering – you just keep chucking big globs of it until finally something will stick.

Sorry but that is often how politics is conducted on the State and Federal levels .      I guess Newburyport is no exception.

They have pulled one weak argument after another which were often easy to dispel but they haven’t stopped chucking them – it is now too late for friendly discourse to prevail.

So, do the right thing and stop trying to go and hide.     It is too late to avoid war by being a refugee.      Since we have property here we must take a stand so our beautiful city has a future.      

First, grab one of these magnetic signs for your car:

Bumper Sticker

They are pricy – when you take one, donate some money (any amount will do even if it’s five dollars) – if they refuse – give it to the Preservation Trust – they’ve got plans of their own for promoting the ordnance.

Second, get one of the bumper stickers:


To get one, just send an e-mail to p.preservationist@live.com.         Display them on your car, bike – etc.

Third, the Preservation Trust is planning some efforts that require pounding the pavement passing out flyers and attending meetings – be sure to meet at the Conference Room under the Unitarian Church’s building at 6:00 on March 19th.      They will be laying out the coordinated effort.

Fourth, keep a sharp eye out for meetings to attend on this issue.     I will do my best to give everyone plenty of time by laying it out on www.ppreservationist.com.

Fifth, write to your city councilors and if you have the time; meet with them.      They will appreciate the feedback.

Lastly, keep an eye out for my blog postings.     I’ll do my best to cover the many other issues in town but the LHD may take priority – I want everyone to have as much in the way of facts as possible.

Remember, there’s a war on – we must all arm ourselves.

-P. Preservationist

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