They’ve declared War!

What would happen if one side declared war and the other side didn’t show up?       

The anti-historic preservation group have decided that 40 years of success by the City of Newburyport is done.         It is time to turn our collective backs on our history, on our economics and on our visitors.        At first, they used distortions, misinformation and lies but that wasn’t getting them anywhere – now they have replaced it with big Red ugly signs hoping that will convince the ignorant.         Basically, hoping that the argument will stick, “There must be fire somewhere – look at all the smoke!”   

Most recently,  they have been using raw hatred and total animosity to replace their lack of facts and historical justification.     It is this nastiness that has chased reason and the desire to have good benefit for the community right out the window!

“Violence is an admission that one’s ideas and goals cannot prevail on their own merits.”


                                                          -Edward M. Kennedy


But where are the historic preservationists?        Such declarations of war can’t be just ignored!      These advocates can not be reasoned with.         The time of civil discourse from them is at an end.       We must answer with facts, history and principle but we must answer them.       They want to steal the hearts and minds of the citizens of Newburyport for their own ends.

Believe me, the out-of-town developers, self-centered homeowners and the dark siders are loving it.    They can use all this raw animosity to exploit the bones of our historic seaport and dispel any hope of stopping them from the destruction of our treasured assets.      

There is a lot at stake here!      

What would happen if someone declared war and one side didn’t show up?

-P. Preservationist

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