I’m not being cruel –  I am offering a legitimate solution for those who hate historic neighborhoods, the stress of living in too small a space, having to deal with materials that are obsolete and often hard to find.     If you have a driving thirst for total freedom and are absolutely infuriated by your neighbors meddling concerns, this advice just makes good sense.     You may be one of those individuals who can’t refrain from getting the newest thing – the plastic this or that with the proud stamp of ‘Made in China’ for everyone to see.      

Or you may be so financially strapped and yet have the burden of maintaining a building which may give you an overwhelming desire to cut corners and do things with the cheapest crappiest materials and methods.    if in the long-run, it cuts your nose off to spite your face when you see your equity disappear and your house value go into the toilet.     You just can’t help yourself.

Believe it or not, you don’t even have to live outside of the City borders.       There are over a dozen neighborhoods in which you can live without dealing with those nasty old houses!

There is the West End, Storey Avenue, Woodman Way, Ferry Road, Cherry Hill, Vinyl Village, West of Marlboro Street North, Plum Island, the Hospital District, Quail Run, Low Street, Turkey Hill Road and West of Ashland Street along Merrimac.     And I believe there are a few isolated sections  I have omitted.

Why stay in an area that makes you miserable?      I have met many old-timers who have done the right thing and left the old neighborhoods and most important, they are happy!

Why cause your abutters and general citizens who enjoy living in the historic district miserable because you are against historic preservation?      Why put up with homeowners who actually want their investments protected from inappropriate development next door?       Why have an angry City Hall as they see tax revenues decrease because our treasured assets have been trashed?   Why have people irate with you because you were against stopping insensitive developers and see no problem with them creating a ‘new’ mediocre Newburyport?

Don’t lie and say you love your historic neighborhood so you can ‘fit in’.   Often there is little sacrifice to move and moving may only require shifting over a few streets.  

Be true to yourself and do the right thing.     Move!

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Move!

  1. Port Sanity says:

    Whether you intend this post to be humorous, sarcastic, or simply sensational, the result is likely to be opposite of your goal. This will give those that oppose the LHD the confirmation they need that those that support the LHD are trying to control their neighbors’ behavior. That those that favor the LHD are “holier than thou.” That those that support the LHD feel superior. Someone who already lives in an historic neighborhood may not want to live in an historic district, but that doesn’t mean they “hate” historic neighborhoods, and you’re hyperbole doesn’t do anything but add flames to the fire (but perhaps that’s your goal). Don’t assume that someone that lives in an historic neighborhood is “miserable” because of their house … those opposed to the LHD are afraid that the LHD will be taking away property rights that they have today.

    Don’t describe pro-LHD folks as “meddling neighbors.” Don’t argue that if someone’s financially strapped that they, in effect, don’t deserve to live in an historic house.

    Try to remember your goal, how your words affect that goal, and what kind of ammunition you give to those that disagree with you. This posting isn’t aligned with your goal and will make it more difficult for a city councilor that may be on the fence on this issue to choose your side of this argument. And if the city council doesn’t vote for the LHD, will you ever be sure that you didn’t help put a no-voting councilor in a corner, and that your superior attitude didn’t paint that corner just a bit tighter?

    Smarten up, or (and I say this with as much politeness as you demonstrate above) shut up, please.

  2. indyjerry77 says:

    Ouch! But it still needed to be said.

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