Don’t forget Tonight!

We’ve got a big fight coming on the 40B.       

For that matter, I am all for the obtaining of the 19 acres from Tropic Star. It’s a no-money down protection for agricultural and flood-soaking wetlands. (Plus any funding commitments from the developer) Let’s trust the Planning Board and the ZBA to do the job of mitigating the Bank/CVS/Storey Avenue impact.

If you look at the impervious surface in this wetlands area, the devastation downstream for residences and for the industrial park will be unimaginable.      


Some have actually said that we can’t fight this.      

They are so wrong – all we need is to just keep putting the pressure on the state as to how damaging this is…but let’s say, they could care less what damage they inflict; we can do something about it.

The City will have 120 days from the start of the proposed project to purchase this land.      Unfortunately, the courts have determined that the loss of revenue from this “over-55 housing development’ must be factored into the price.      That may be odious but nothing compared to the damage to the community.       We will need to spend our open space money.       When CPA first came out, people were thinking about this project and the damage that Cherry Hill caused by the loss of agricultural land.        Now it’s back and the danger is just as real as then.       That was why CPA passed in our city.

So let’s honor the original intent of the voters and use the open space fund.

Let’s finish this skirmish and move on to the next battle!

-P. Preservationist

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