Good Salesmen!

MassSaveI was filming the Local Historic District Study Committee in January and they had invited representatives from our local tradesmen.        If you’ve had a chance to see that video, it was quite fascinating at the contributions from our local hardworking businessmen.     But what really struck me as amazing was the near universal agreement that the windows in an old house have to be replaced.

Last night, at the MassSave presentation, the same sentiment was echoed by some of the audience.     They were convinced that replacing the windows was an effective way to save energy.

I have to tip my hat at the window salesmen.     They have really done a fantastic job in convincing the general public AND the business community.

As I have indicated before, you will never get your money back from replacing the old windows.       They are a priceless commodity.        The new windows don’t last long enough to justify the replacement cost and in the end, you will have to replace them too since they have only a couple of decades of shelf-life.       In fact, Anderson Window has even indicated, the average new replacement window often has to be replaced as early as 10 to 15 years.

Mr. Bohler, the MassSave spokesmen, had to patiently explain that most of the energy loss is through the roof and that the suction puts pressure on the windows to draw in the cold air and you end up getting the classic, “cold drafty window”.           Replacing those windows doesn’t stab at the root problem!         In fact, National Grid, a chief sponsor of this program won’t recommend replacing the old windows!

As I have indicated in earlier posts, the solution is to get Mass Save out to your home.     Heck, your taxes pay for this and you are encouraged to have them come back as often as you can.   You can actually arrange visits annually.      They bring those thermal imagers along and check out your home and do all this at no cost.      It is also amazing how much they provide products and services either at no cost or at reduced discount.

If you live in a historical home, then the second step is to put storms on and follow Mass Save’s recommendations on tightening the windows.     Leave those window salesmen to convince new home builders or homeowners in suburbia land.

PortMedia filmed last night’s event and as soon as I can get my hands on it; I’ll post it on        This organization is even offering solar panels and other amazing offers.      An hour’s watch could save you so much aggravation and money!

You can go ‘green’ by being swayed hither and thither by many promoters who try to convince you their product or service is energy-efficient; OR, you can get Mass Save to come and tell you what ‘green’ really means without the risk of gimmicks and cons.

As Mr. Bohler indicated last night, when calling to set up an appointment, take the time to indicate that you live in a historical home.      They are well experienced in making homes of 50 years or older energy efficient!

-P. Preservationist

PS. The City has a strong Energy Advisory Committee that works with the Mayor and they sponsored last night’s event.

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